Utilising Video Content in the Professional World

Posted by: Niall

Everyone is familiar with video. Whether through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or other outlets, viewing video content has become an integral part of browsing online. For some, making and sharing videos takes that one step further, but even for those of us who simply receive video content, they are still something we actively look for when browsing the internet.

Whilst YouTube channels and viral videos may draw a large association with online video content, the use of videos is just as suited to professional use (if not more so), and below are my three top reasons why any business can benefit from using them.

Videos are engaging and versatile

It might seem obvious to point out, but video content grabs people’s attention. The visual impact of videos is an easy way to engage your audience quickly, and with endless possibilities when it comes to the style, length and structure of your content, it’s easier to keep your audience hooked.

Videos are also extremely versatile. For each social network, website or event you choose to use video for, the differing lengths and styles associated with those outlets means you can market content or announce your latest news uniquely to different audiences. A longer, more in depth video for your website, for example, can be translated into something short and snappy for Instagram, allowing you to gain the maximum use out of your assets and reach as many end users as possible.

Videos tell a story

Hand in hand with the engaging and versatile nature of video content is their ability to tell stories. For many, visual storytelling is most familiar when watching the latest summer blockbuster; but marketing videos, training films, recipe how-tos and video advertisements can tell just as powerful a story for your business’ needs.

Whether it’s a quick and easy instructional video, or a lengthier look at the products and services you offer, the ability to show an audience your business through dynamic moving images is all the more powerful and can provide you with better results when compared with written or still image campaigns.

Our attention spans are shrinking

It may not be something we’d like to admit, but the fact is, social networks and mobile devices have made our attention spans shorter and harder to grab. Features like ‘autoplay’ videos on Facebook, as well as the time limits for videos on networks like Instagram and Vine (just 15 and 6 seconds respectively), have been developed purposefully to combat this issue.

With the boost in visual content available to us, we’ve adapted to become quicker at discerning what we’re interested in. For that reason, video content that is well made is unparalleled in its ability to hook someone, and keep them watching. Where long articles can easily bore a reader, or where images can seem stale and repetitive, video content offers a unique diversity that gives it a clear advantage in today’s content driven world.

So whether you’re starting up a business from scratch, or looking to breathe new life into your existing campaigns, don’t ignore the importance of video content when marketing your company. Its unique ability to grab the attention of your audience and tell your story in new and interesting ways make it an invaluable tool. Plus, with new and inventive video solutions, such as animation and VR (virtual reality), it’s never been easier to make your content stand out and get noticed.